Hotel Relais Montemarino was crafted out of the painstaking renovation of an old stone farmhouse, once called “Cascina Bagnolo”.

Particular attention was paid during the refurbishment to maintain the characteristics of the house’s four different building periods according to the needs and the budget of the ancient farm.

Even today you can easily recognize in the characteristic “C”- shaped building, the original farmhouse, erected more than 200 years ago, entirely made in stone of Langa and wooden architraves, and the subsequent expansion to the north, made in an economically thriving period of the farm, always in stone, but with brick architraves, arches and window sills.

The east side, once used as a wine cellar and wood depot, dates probably from the early 20th century, as evidenced by the use of bricks on the corners and stone for the other parts.

The complex was finally completed with a porch made up with brick columns and a wooden roof.

Detached from the main building, at the bottom of the courtyard, there is a large portico that was once a drying room. Here today you find the Breakfast Room.

The name “Montemarino” was taken from the nearby hamlet, and bears witness to the unbreakable bond linking it to the surrounding area, while the tree that features in the logo is none other than the imposing horse-chestnut which dominates the patio.